“This circuit deserves a European Championship”

They describe themselves as “siamese twins”. Their grandfathers and fathers already were members of Huijbergens Cycling Committee, Jan Maas and Ruud Broosus joined it themselves in 1996. Together they nurtured what has become known as “the most beautiful circuit in the world”. And that circuit, Broosus and Maas think, “deserved a European Championship.” “Circuit manager” […]

The organ builder who was a gift from God

From a small boy impressed by organ music, to organist, to organ builder. Many things can happen, and they did for Loek van Nes (73). As the organist in the church of Divine Providence in Bergen op Zoom, Van Nes had to make do with a “fake organ”. Dozens of times he pleaded the priest […]

Ossendrechts world-beating bike

Ossendrecht is part of the community of Woensdrecht, which profiles itself as the most cylcing-orientated community in the country. Ossendrecht used tob e base of a brand of bikes that was admired and ridden by the most famous cyclists of its day. Time to look fort he stories surrounding the Remy, Ossendrechts world-beating bike. In […]

Morti and his new motherland

Just before Christmas was the National Naturalisation Day, a sort of holiday for new citizens in Holland. One of those new citizens lives in Hoogerheide. Morteza Dinpazjouh loves Holland, the Dutch down-to-earthness and Hollandse Nieuwe. He tries to forget about his country of origin, Iran, as quickly as he can. “To Iran I’ll never return. […]